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Making Your Dreams Come True

Producing competent, passionate and responsible people committed to learning.

Teacher Training Courses

Get trained and become a confident and effective teacher with excellence in managing classrooms. Join the ranks of qualified teachers by getting certified through completion of our internship teacher training program.

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Computer Courses

Don’t lag behind the rest of the crowd. Learn basics of computing and surf the internet with confidence. Use the tools of the 21st-century technology to help you in your professional and personal life. Courses are especially recommended for those having limited knowledge of computing.

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Parent Courses

Build strong relationships so your children turn to you for guidance. Turn tears to smiles and upsets to calm. Enable children to become confident and solve learning difficulties. Become a confident parent by enrolling in our parenting courses.

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Life Empowerment Courses

Our Life Empowerment Courses cover a range of topics giving you the ability to succeed in life. Communication skills, study skills, critical thinking skills, leadership skills, conflict resolution skills and much more. You can gain training to build a team, to plan, organise and successfully lead.

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About Greenhouse

We have been working in the areas of Education and Human Rights since 2003.

We decided to expand into the area of general education and helping teacher, Parents, students and adults of all ages.

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Our Courses

Our Courses cover all educational and life skills topics, giving you the ability to succeed in the field of education and of life. Gain skills in communication, study, critical thinking, leadership, conflict resolution and management.

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You can email or phone us at any time. We would be delighted to answer any questions about the courses or our centre at any time.

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Our courses have been put together using the most effective technology in the world today.


We have been training teachers and students since the year 2002.


You will graduate our courses ready and able to change your lives and the world for the better.

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